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How to fix error video_TDR_failure in Windows 10?

TDR which is the short form for timeout, detection and recovery constituents in 7/8 and Windows 10. A video_TDR_failure blue screen is usually visible when your computer is unable to amend the display driver and also finds it tough to regain from a timeout. Most commonly, this happens because contradictory graphics card drivers or often, your driver might be burdened further its capacities. Now, to fix this error a handful of steps are required which are mentioned below:

  • Click on the Windows key + R and then the run command will open before you.  You ought to type devmgmt.msc in the provided field and tap on “enter.”
  • Try to find the “display adapters” and expand it to move further in the process. Now, go to graphics and driver and click on “update driver software.” Also, an active internet connection is required for this step to succeed. When it instructs you to select an alternative “How do you want to search driver,” then select the “Search automatically for updated driver software.” If you are already equipped with a driver on your system, then click on “Browse my computer for driver software.” Now, you have to select the most suitable location where you can find your driver for carrying forward the update procedure.
  • As soon as you have completed the last step, restart your PC. This is done to ensure that the problem that persisted has now been solved but if you find that the situations is still the same, then right-click on this driver once again and tap on “uninstall” option. This will prompt your system to restart again and the drivers will be installed mechanically as soon as it starts again.

All these steps will surely help you resolve this issue.

If you are still not able to get rid of this issue, then immediately contact Office Com Setup or you can mention and describe your problem on their customer support page. The experts respond back in a couple of minutes and will make sure that they give an answer to even the smallest of a query. These experts are experienced professionals of their field and have a solution to your every query regarding the issue. 

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Office com setup

How to do the editing in spell check dictionary which is in windows 10?

On Windows 10 whenever you are typing on the web using Microsoft Edge or an app like Mail or One Note, you can quickly right-click a misspelled word to add it to the custom dictionary when you know you know you have the correct spelling.

However sometimes you can also end up adding the wrong word to the dictionary and Windows 10 does not provide an easy way to undo the change. As a result, the spell checker will not highlight it as a mistake the next time you type the word, which can cause you to submit an email or a paper or a document with grammar error. If you made an error adding a particular word using the windows 10 spell checker, it’s possible to edit the tradition dictionary to eradicate it.

In this window 10 guide, we will walk you through the steps to add or delete words from the custom dictionary.

If you made a mistake adding an incorrect word to the dictionary on Windows 10 or you want to add a list of new words, do the following steps

1.    Use the Windows key +R keyboard short cut to open the Run command

2.    Type the following path and click OK.


3.    Inside the spelling folder, you will see one or more folders depending on the languages you have installed on windows 10. Double click the folder that corresponds to your language (for instance en-US for English)

4.    Double click the default.dic file to open with notepad. The default.dic file has all the protected words that you physically added. Office com setup only thing left to do is to eliminate the improper words and save the file as you would habitually does with any notepad file.

Also to eliminate words, you can also use the default.dic file to add words in bulk for items that you know the spell checker won’t distinguish. Only remember to enter one word per line.

It should be noted that this instruction will only edit the custom dictionary on Windows 10. Other apps, such as those from Office and Google Chrome, use their own dictionary.

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